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Service with Integrity

The leading provider in SCADA solutions for the oil and gas industry


CRR TotalSCADA is the leading provider in SCADA solutions for the oil and gas industry. Our company was created with a Christian atmosphere and strong ethics.

We are a full service measurement, automation and communications company using cutting-edge technology to meet the demands of our industry. We believe in investing in our employees by developing their skills and providing opportunities to excel in their field.



Full Line of Products for Oil and Gas Applications
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Everything From the Wellhead to the Back Office


Integrity is the single most important characteristic of our employees. At CRR an employee is only as good as their word.

Our Core Values

Work Ethic

Our success is also built upon our employees' dedication and tenacity. Whether working individually or as a team, our employees are prepared and willing to do whatever is necessary to get the job accomplished to our customers' satisfaction.

Customer Service

We work with our customers at length to identify the most efficient way to achieve the results they desire. At CRR we believe that integrity and a strong work ethic will not only lead to good customer service, it will also lead to CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

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P.O. Box 219 Newark, TX 76071

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